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Delabole Slate. Superior handcrafted Cornish slate products direct from the world renowned Delabole Slate Quarry in Cornwall.<br>
Roofing Slate - sized slate, randoms, peggies/scantle Worktops - kitchen, bathrooms, bar tops, countertops Slabs, Sills and Hearths - hearths, window sills, mantles, shelves, stair treads Flooring - traditional random, sawn & riven tiles Building Stone - blue/grey, sawn & natural face, rustic Landscape and Paving - rockery, hedging, feature stones, paving, chippings Memorials and Headstones - bespoke commemorative plaques House Signs - standard pet memorials & plaques Homeware and Clocks - table mats, pastry boards, chess boards Industrial Minerals - slate powders, slate granules
Slate Floor Tiles | Slate Flooring Slabs | Delabole Slate
PRODUCT INFORMATION: Slate Floor Tiles, Floor Slabs, Flagstones, & Wall Tiles

Delabole Slate flooring is quarried from the same top quality stone as our famous Delabole Roofing Slate and between 50 and 150 metres deep down in the Delabole Slate Quarry.

FLOORING FINISHES...You can choose from:
  • Frame Sawn...The natural sawn slab of light blue/grey colour. Some saw marks do occur, enhancing the “natural” look. This is the traditional and most popular flooring finish.

  • Sanded...This special hand finish maintains a light blue/grey colour creating an "aged" and more mellow appearance.
  • Fine Rubbed (Honed)...The slab is rubbed to a smooth finish (like an egg-shell to the touch) which also darkens the slab.

  • Riven... Split by hand along the natural cleavage plane of the stone, producing a textured surface. Hand-splitting will result in variations in thickness. This is easily accommodated by following our "installation instructions.

    DELABOLE SLATE FLOORING is available in...
    Large Slab Sizes as:
  • Traditional Random Slab Flooring...This is the traditional Westcountry Delabole flooring found in Country Mansions, Fine Town Houses and Quaint Cornish Cottages alike. Floors are usually laid using slabs of 3 differant widths but the choice is yours.

  • Sizes:
    Thickness...approx. 1" (25mm).
    Widths.......from 9" to 33" (approx.225-840mm) rising in 3" (75mm) increments.
    Lengths.....random lengths from 2ft to 6ft (approx.600-1800mm) according to width.
    Finish...Frame Sawn

  • Flagstones Made To Order...You tell us what you want and our Artisans will make them specially for you.

  • Sizes:
    Thickness...available in 1", 1.5" and 2" (25, 40 & 50mm).
    Widths....... Up to 4 foot (1200mm).
    Lengths......Up to 6 foot (1800mm).
    Finishes.....Best in Frame Sawn but also available in Sanded or Fine Rubbed at extra cost.

    Or in...
    Smaller Slab Sizes as:
  • Floor and Wall Tiles...available in a wide range of sizes and finishes to suit all applications.

  • Sawn Tiles

  • Thickness...3/8" (10mm).
    Sizes...12" x 12" (305 x 305mm).
    ...........16" x 16" (406 x 406mm).
    ...........24" x 12" (610 x 305mm).
    ...........24" x 18" (610 x 457mm).
    ...........30" x 15" (762 x 381mm).
    ...........30" x 20" (762 x 508mm).
    Finishes...Best in Frame Sawn but also available in Sanded or Fine Rubbed at extra cost.

  • Riven Tiles
  • ...Thickness varies according to size.
    1/4" thick x 8" x 4". (204 x 102mm).
    1/2" thick x 6" x 6". (152 x 152mm).
    ....."........x 12"x 6" (305 x 152mm).
    ....."........x 16"x 8" (406 x 204mm).
    ....."........x 12"x 12" (305 x 305mm).
    ....."........x 16"x 16" (406 x 406mm).
    Finishes...Riven, Hand-split.

  • Packed Paving
  • ...A Cornish favourite. Consists of 4 tile sizes that mixed together form an interlocking or coursed pattern.
    Finishes...Traditionally in Riven but also now available in Frame Sawn.

    Or for a thicker option...
  • Riven Flooring Slabs Made To Order...Our Artisans will saw and split slabs specially for you.

  • Sizes:
    Thickness...approx. 1" (25mm).
    Widths....... Up to 18" (450mm).
    Lengths......Random or set lengths up to 24" (600mm).

    If you still haven't found what you want, please ask. Bespoke orders are our speciality!

    Installation & maintenance... Slate slabs can be traditionally laid on a 2” (50mm) “dry” mix sand and cement screed. To improve adhesion paste the back with a neat slurry of cement or waterproof PVA.
    Where under floor heating is to be employed or a minimal floor height is required, we recommend the use of Thickbed Stone Adhesive. This will allow 10mm to 25mm thick flooring to be laid with a rise in floor level of just 15-30mm.
    For grouting we recommend 6-10mm wide joints filled with Wide Joint Flexible Stone Grout.
    When laying in external or wetroom areas, always use a waterproofed grout.

    Cleaning... Keep floor clean when laying and grouting by wiping with a clean damp (squeezed out) sponge. Once dry, floor can be cleaned with soapy water. Any flooring treatment can then be applied according to personal preference.

    Surface Treatments... Delabole Slate is virtually impermeable to water and hence does not require any surface treatment. However, specialist treatments can be added after installation to assist cleaning or enrich the figuring and deepen the colour of the slabs as follows:
  • External areas...No additional treatment recommended.

  • Internal areas...We recommend and stock:

  • Lithofin Stainstop to assist cleaning and resist grease spotting from dropped food. This will slightly darken the slabs with a matt finish.
    Lithofin Slate Oil to assist cleaning and deepen the colour with a slight sheen finish.

    Slate Floor Tiles | Slate Flooring Slabs | Delabole Slate
    Slate Floor Tiles | Slate Flooring Slabs | Delabole Slate
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